Sneak peek

I’ve got a bunch of photos from my time in London during the Olympics about to be hung in a restaurant downtown. If you find yourself in Santa Cruz in the next 3 months, swing on by Pacific Thai on Pacific Ave. I’ve posted a sneak peek below. (Of course you could always click that link at the top of this page too, hint, hint.)

The Olympic Rings are lit at night on the Tower Bridge in London during the XXX Olympiad.

The Olympic Rings are lit at night on the Tower Bridge in London during the XXX Olympiad.

Kickboxing in Park


London, England, UK

I found this photo as I was going through my Olympics pictures in preparation for a show. I really love it, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the Games, so it won’t be part of the show. I came across this scene in St. James Park as I was walking to Buckingham Palace. The Games were just about to begin that night but I didn’t have a press pass like my wife, so I was wondering the streets looking for wild art. The guy laying down was reading and really paying no mind to the guy training, even though the kickboxer was getting very intense.

Anyway, it was a nice little scene that played out in front of me and I’m glad I found it again.

My Father

Luis A. Solis Jr., 57

When people come to stay at my house, if there is time, they usually have to sit for a portrait. The reasoning is pretty simple; I always need to practice and I feel everyone needs a good classic portrait of themselves. So here is my father wearing my coat, hat and scarf even though it’s warm here in California. I thought he kind of looked like a mafia don and even though that’s not his personality, it made for the kind of photo of him that I hadn’t seen before.

I need to blog

I hate writing. There I said it (or wrote it). It’s one of the main reasons I love photography … I can say more with a photo than I ever could with words. But I need to blog more.

Blogging, besides being a tool to continue to introduce people to my photography, can help organize thoughts, play out arguments and problems and interact with an audience. I will not promise to blog more, but I will make some sort of effort.

Sort of.